Biman popularity skyrockets

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The most loved person in Bangladesh this week is without doubt Biman Airlines Md & CEO Kevin John Steele.

That’s the unanimous opinion of over 500 very happy, radiantly-smiling children who attended a special ‘farewell’ party given in his honour by the Ali Akbar Fun‘n’Games committee in a village near Gazipur.

“From the moment Kevin arrived in the village, it was as if there had been an electrical power surge. The whole village burst into life and the children ran excitedly from their homes to meet and greet him, like the proverbial moth to a flame,” said organizer Ali Akbar.

“Kevin is a big man, in more ways than one, but every millimeter of him is concentrate high energy, love, and an enormous enthusiasm for life and fun that permeates incessantly from the pores in his skin. We’ve never seen anyone like him in the village before and highly unlikely we will play host to anyone like him ever again.

“Some of the children sang and danced to entertain him and he responded by singing and dancing for them! – They absolutely loved him,” said Ali.

Sir Frank PeterAli’s Fun’n’Games activities have been the weekly highlight in the area for over a decade and attract fun-loving children from many surrounding villages.

Anti corporal punishment crusader Sir Frank Peters, who accompanied the airline chief on his visit, described Kevin as “unique”,  “inspirational” and  “brilliant”.

“It’s hard to really define Kevin, without short-changing him on superlatives. Some describe him as a one-man-band; while others say he’s one-man-orchestra! His personal and professional accomplishments are as extensive as they are enormous. Name it and he’s done it. We generously applauded Bangladeshi mountaineers Niaz Patwary and Musa Ibrahim after they had scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro. Undoubtedly a great sporting accomplishment, but Kevin had climbed it blind-folded! – Ha!

“His departure is a sad day for Biman Airlines and the people of Bangladesh.  He and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made an awe-inspiring team. The timing of his ill health couldn’t have come at a worse time, just as the airline was making a remarkable recovery and regaining the national and international pride and respect it had woefully lost.”

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