Complex tax structure, feeble management block tobacco use cut

Due to a complex tax structure and management, tobacco companies are evading tax, reads another report on the Daily Naya Diganta on May 17, 2015, Syed Morshed, an ATMA member. The report reads that supplementary duty (SD) is applied on tobacco products before applying the VAT and the SD rate is not the same for all the cigarette brands.

Human Development Research Center (HDRC) and PROGGA have jointly placed four directions for an effective tax structure for the next three fiscal years, reads the report. The directives are: removal of the current price slabs and imposing specific comparative higher tax on cigarette, removal of tariff value on Bidi and imposing specific excise tax, imposing specific tax on smokeless tobacco instead of ad valorem system, and raise the health surcharge to 2 per cent from the existing 1 per cent. The detail of the report is available on the following link:

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