Details of a musical evening by Mr. Kumar Biswajit and Bangladeshi Band “Shironamhin” at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre

Please find the attachments for the program photographs. Details of a musical evening by Mr. Kumar Biswajit and Bangladeshi Band “Shironamhin” at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Road No. 2, House No. 24, Dhanmondi, Dhaka at 5:30 PM on December 19, 2014 are given below:

“Shironamhin” Band Members:
1. Bass Guitar: Mr. Ziaur Rahman Zia
2. Vocal: Mr. Tanzir Tuhin
3. Drums: Mr. Kazy Ahmad Shafin
4. Guitar: Mr. Diat Khan
5. Keyboard: Mr. Rashel Kabir

Duration: 1 Hour, 10 Songs Represented.

Songs Represented:
1. Bhalobasa Megh..(1st Presentation)
2. Eka..
3. Pakhi..
4. Bondho Janala..
5. Prithibi..
6. Bullet Kingba Kabita..
7. Surjyo..
8. Bristi Kabyo..
9. Rod Canvas..
10. Abar Hasimukh..(Last Presentation)

Mr. Kumar Biswajit Team Member Details:
1. Keyboard: Mr. Partha Pratim Bappy
2. Lead Guitar: Mr. Samu Barua
3. Base Guitar: Mr. Atikuzzaman Khan Bulbul
4. Drums: Mr. Md. Manik
5. Percussion: Mr. Mithun Chakraborty
6. Sequence & Sound Engineering: Mr. Amzad Bappy
7. Manager: Mr. Omar Mirza

Duration: 1 hour; 10 songs represented.

Represented Songs:
1. Jekhane Simanto..(1st Song)
2. Bosonto Chuyeche Amake..
3. Choturdola..
4. O Daktar..
5. Meghla Meye..
6. Ami Nirbasone Jabona..
7. Tore Putuler Moto Kore Sajiye..
8. Tumi Roj Bikele..
9. Tumi Jodi Bolo..
10. Ekdin Bangali Chilam Re..(Last Song)

To celebrate the 44th Victory Day of Bangladesh, Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre organised a musical evening by Bangladeshi Band “Shironamhin” and Mr. Kumar Biswajit at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Road No. 2, House No. 24, Dhanmondi, Dhaka at 5:30 PM on December 19, 2014.

Mr. Kumar Biswajit, one of the most popular contemporary singers of Bangladesh, has been entertaining the music-loving audience of Bangladesh and abroad for over last 30 years since he made his debut as a music artist in the Bangladesh Radio and Television in 1979. In 1982 he first sang as a playback singer in films and has since lent voice in about 300 movies till date. He has won several laurels as a singer and a music composer, owing to the lyrics of his songs which are of high quality providing a social message and awareness. He has attempted to improvise Bengali modern songs with other combinations such as Fusion, Latin, Caribbean, South Indian, Jamaican, Country, Western, Samba, Reggae and Rock music that has provided a unique dimension to his music. He has also combined eastern and western music with original Bangladeshi folk songs to create a music genre of his own.

Mr. Kumar Biswajit has exhibited and upheld Bangladeshi music culture to a global audience. He has travelled abroad for performances to countries like the USA, the UK, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, India, France etc. He has also received several prestigious awards like the National Film Award for the Best Music Composer (2009), National Film Award for the Best Singer (2011), JaiJaidin, Channel-i Film Award, Channel-i Performance Award, Bachosas, Binodon Bichitra etc. Mr. Kumar Biswajit has released more than 25 solo cassettes, 10 CDs and 1 DVD comprising of more than 100 songs.

“Shironamhin” was established in the year 1996, and has carved out a name for themselves in the hearts of the music lovers of Bangladesh with their different compositions and powerful lyrics. “Shironamhin” was founded by Ziaur Rahman Zia with Jewel as guitarist and Bulbul as vocal in 1996. Tanzir Tuhin joined the band as a vocal in 2000. Diat khan as guitarist and Rashel Kabir as keyboard player joined the band in 2009 and 2010 respectively. In the beginning, they used to jam and perform in the university campus gossip areas and street crowd. Later, they started performing in the campus stage live performances bringing in some changes in the use of their musical instruments. They introduced plugged guitar and sarod along with drums in their music. Most of the songs they used to perform in stage shows were their own songs which were completely new for the audience.

“Shironamhin” started to perform live by performing at the TSC, Dhaka University auditorium, along with the stage drama performance of “Podatik Nattyachakra”. “Shironamhin” participated in the final round of the 2nd Star Search Competition’ arranged by Benson & Hedges. They have also attended Sri Lanka’s most famous musical festival titled “Galle Music Festival” in 2014. “Shironamhin” has received awards like “Best Band Award” in 2005 from Cultural Journalist Forum of Bangladesh, “Citycell-Channel I Music Award” for best music video” in 2006. “Shironamhin” is a member of Bangladesh Music Bands Association and regularly performs in different channels & radio stations of Bangladesh.
“Shironamhin” has released five albums “Jahajee” in 2004, “Ichchhe Ghuri” in 2006, “Bondho Janala” in 2009, “Shironamhin Rabindranath” in 2010, “Shironamhin Shironamhin” in 2013 and also several mixed albums. In their 4th album “Shironamhin Rabindranath” 39 acoustic instruments were played for the composition which they had to arrange from all over the globe.

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