Details of a musical evening by Mr. Raghab Chatterjee from India and Bangladeshi Band “Chirkutt” at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre

Details of a musical evening by Mr. Raghab Chatterjee from India and Bangladeshi Band “Chirkutt” at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Road No. 2, House No. 24, Dhanmondi, Dhaka at 6:30 PM on December 12, 2014 are given below:

Chirkutt Band Members:
1. Sumi (Vocals),

2. Pintu (Vocals, Violin & Flute),

3. Emon (Guitar, Mandolin),

4. Pavel (Drums & Percussion),

5. Didar (Bass) and

6. Tomal (Guest Rhythm Guitar).

Duration: 1:Hr, 10 songs represented.

Presented Songs:

1. Dhono Dhanyo Puspo Bhora..(1st Song)

2. Bondhu..

3. Ami Jani Na..

4. Ki Kori..

5. Kazna..

6. Mon Mojaiya..

7. Pipilika..

8. Jadur Shohor..

9. Pipilika..

10. Kanamachi..(Last Presentation)..

Mr. Raghab Chatterjee’s team Details:

1. Raghab chatterjee-> Vocal
2. Pratik Chatterjee-> Guitar
3. Pronab Banerjee-> Keyboard
4. Somnath Ray-> Bass
5. Diptendu Banerjee-> Tabla
6. Biswadeb Biswas-> Dholak/Thumba
7. Jayanta Biswas-> Drums

Duration: 1:Hr, 12 songs represented.

Presented Songs:

1. Tumi Robe Nirobe..(1st Song)

2. Ke Sariya..

3. Jani Tomar Hridoy Ache..

4. Babu Moshai..

5. Jhiri Jhiri..

6. Rahiman Ishq..

7. Eka Ei Mon Dukhi Onek..

8. Chand Keno Asena Amar Ghare..

9. Barisana Lagi..

10. Raga Pilu Tumri

11. Raga Hamsadhwani..(Fusion)

12. Mar Guriye..(Last Presentation)

To celebrate the 44th Victory Day of Bangladesh, Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre organised A musical evening by Mr. Raghab Chatterjee from India and Bangladeshi Band “Chirkutt” at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Dhanmondi, Dhaka at 6:30 PM on December 12, 2014.

Mr. Raghab Chatterjee started his journey in music as a guitarist at the age of nine. He initially started learning from his mother Mrs. Shila Chatterjee, a fine classical singer. Thereafter he trained under Dr. Amya Ranjan Banerjee and finally under Guru Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty for six years at ITC/SRA. Recently he is taking lessons from Ustad Rashid Khan. His Bengali albums are Bhorer Alo, Tumi Nei Bole, Sharodia, Amaar Akash, Aat Range, Bhubanamohini, Shamiana, Nameplate, Srot etc. In Hindi, Rishtaa, Bandish fusion 1st and 2nd Vol, Raaga rocks are his hit albums. He sang in Hindi films like Devdas, Tere Naam, Raincoat, Parinita etc, and in Bengali films such as Patal Ghar, Bandhan, Suvodristi, Bor Asbe Ekhuni, Chaturango. He also sang in a lot of commercial TV serials. He has worked with Bappi Lahiri, Ismail Darbar, Monty Sharma, Sajid Wajid, Chiradip Dasgupta, Debajyoty Mishra, Y S Mulki, Ram Sampat, Santanu Moitra, Salim Suleman and many other music directors in Mumbai and Kolkata.

Mr. Raghab Chatterjee is a fantastic stage performer. He usually sings his own Bengali, Hindi, filmy and classical based songs. He performs regularly all over India, USA, Hong Kong and other countries. He also achieved some great awards like National Scholarship, ITC/Sangeet Research Academy Scholarship, R.D. Burman Award, Uttam Kumar Award, Kalakar Award, HMV Golden Talent Contest winner etc.

“Chirkutt”, established in the year 2002, has carved out a name for themselves in the hearts of the music lovers of Bangladesh with their energetic live performances and powerful lyrics. Chirkutt’s eclectic compositions defy genre or classification and they have eventually come to be described as an ‘Epic Fusion’ band, one that has brought radical changes to the modern music industry of Bangladesh. “Chirkutt” has released two hit albums ‘Chirkuttnama’ and ‘Jadur Shohor’. Chirkutt’s numbers have received a great deal of airplay, and they have also performed for television dramas and film soundtracks – their highly catchy songs being “Jadu-r Shohor”, “Kanamachi”, “Khazna”, “Bondhu”, “Katakuti”, “Leje Rakha Pa” among others.

Chirkutt’s fame has transcended the borders of Bangladesh and has reached foreign shores, courtesy their performances at several reputed international music festivals, such as the India Music Week and the Jaffna Music Festival in Sri Lanka where they represented new dimensions of Bangladeshi band music to critical acclaim. They participated in the Chirkutt-Casa Murilo Collaboration Tour Norway’13 which featured 6 widely-acclaimed concerts in 6 Norwegian cities (Oslo, Bergen, Molde, Trondheim, Salvaer and Bodo) with the famous band “Casa Murilo” of Norway. In the process, they also released their first international music video “Trams and Empty Streets” from Oslo, Norway. Their music videos have been featured also on MTV India. Last year, they won the RTV Best Band Award 2012.

“Chirkutt’ recently participated in the 8th South Asian Band Festival in New Delhi, and also performed at Rashtrapati Bhavan before the President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. Their performance was highly appreciated by the audience in New Delhi.

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