Tobacco Cos using government facilities for expanding tobacco cultivation

Tobacco companies are using government facilities specially training facilities offered to farmers of IPM clubs and expanding tobacco farming, revealed in a report published in the Daily Jugantor on August 24, 2014 by one of the ATMA members Mizan Chowdhury. 

It is to be noted that about 200000 farmers who have got training offered by DAE of government on better cultivation techniques are using them in tobacco cultivation. When the Ms. Matia Chowdhury, Honorable Agriculture Minister was asked about this issue, she told that they cannot inspect/watch the farmers if they are using this training expertise in tobacco cultivation. They cannot also deploy police for to keep an eye on them. It is also known that the tobacco industries initially started working together with DAE when the IPM clubs were getting started. Mr. Mobarok Ali, Director, IPM program told that they did not tell farmers to use their expertise in tobacco cultivation but as the cultivation techniques of rice are similar they are using those expertises.


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