Govt distracted from tobacco taxation in National Budget

The bidi factory owners adopting different cunning methods to reduce tax on bidi by deploying the workers or engaging the MPs or organizations to mislead the government and hamper the bidi taxation process and the activities are already on track, reads an investigative report by Hamid-Uz-Zaman Mamaun – one of the ATMA members, on the Daily Janakantha on May 06, 2014. Following the report, the bidi factory owners each year place their demands to the government’s revenue collection body- NBR, to reduce tax or remove existing taxes from the industry.

The bidi factory owners try their utmost to raise the tax level on cheaper cigarettes instead of bidis, and to materialize their demand, they form front groups comprised of bidi workers, send DO letters to the NBR signed by MPs, arrange press conference, television talk shows – in participation of specific intellectuals, civil society members and politicians, and even produce short-films immediate before the National Budget in the Parliament.

Although the factory owners try to get the benefits of tax reduction, they do not maintain a sound working condition at the factories where majority of the workers are children aged under 14 who work for longer hours in the suffocated and unhealthy environment and simultaneously are ill paid.

A PDF of the report on  ​is attached herein and the link below will lead you to the full news:

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