Brief History of Bangladeshi Media

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Bangladesh is a South Asian middle income country. This country has a big history of modern journalism. In Bengali language there was inaugurated by Augustus Hicky by publishing a weekly journal, Hicky’s bengal gazette, at Calcutta in January 1780.

The year 1818 marks the beginning of Bengali journalism. This year witnessed the publication of three Bangla newspapers-Bengal Gazeti (Calcutta), Digdarshan (Calcutta) and Samachar Darpan (Serampore).

Bengal Gazeti is said to have been published first which was followed by Samachar Darpan and digdarshan. The first Bangla newspaper, Samachar Darpan, was published from serampore in 1818. The first weekly within the territory of today’s Bangladesh, Rangpur Bartabaha, was published in 1847 from rangpur and the first weekly from Dhaka, Dacca News, was published in 1856.
The long lasting Dhaka Prakash was first published in 1861 and Dhaka Darpan in 1863.

Bangladesh has a big history of media publishing. Though this country liberated in 1971 from Pakistan. But Bengali language is very ancient one in this region. As a vast using language journalism also growing up with Bengali from the very beginning. It was in Calcutta in 1780, from almost 250 years ago. From this time journalism got serious attention from all types of people.

Currently Bangladesh has more than three thousand media houses. Daily newspaper, Weekly, 32 TV stations, more than 100 FM Radio, more than one thousand online news portal, community radio, magazines, blog etc.

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