ICC lauds Bangladesh’s commitment

The International Criminal Court (ICC) highly appreciated Bangladesh’s commitment to the court as well as to the concept of rule of law.

This was stated by both the President Sang Hyun Song and the Prosecutor of the ICC Ms. Fatou Besouda when they received Bangladesh Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Anisul Huq in their respective offices recently.

Bangladesh Minister was in a day long visit to The Hague to discuss further collaboration with the court. Mr. Huq reiterated Bangladesh’s unequivocal commitment to the court and the purpose it is willing to serve.

Highlighting Bangladesh’s own blood stained journey to freedom, Mr.Huq shared with them how Bangladesh is determined to bring an end to impunity globally.

During his meeting with the Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda, they discussed the issue of birongona or “war heroine” in Bangladesh and how Bangladesh is determined to pay the respect they deserve.

The Prosecutor Ms. Bensouda was appreciative of Bangladesh’s leadership in the field of law and justice and expressed their readiness to work with Bangladesh to furthering the purposes of court.

Minister Huq thanked the Prosecutor Ms.Bensouda for her dedication to the cause of law and justice and recorded Bangladesh’s deep appreciation for their recently released policy paper on “”sexual and gender based crimes”. Highlighting Bangladesh’s legal history, Minister Huq assured the Office of the Prosecutor of further collaboration in implementing their policy on “sexual and gender based crimes”.

Deputy Prosecutor Mr.James Stewart, Special Assistant Mr. Sam Shoamanesh, Senior Legal Adviser Ms. Shamila Batohi and other high officials were present during the meeting. Bangladesh Ambassador to the Netherlands Sheikh Mohammed Belal were with the visiting Minister during his meetings.

Earlier, Bangladesh Minister explored further collaboration with the Hague institute for Global Justice and discussed specific project developments in Bangladesh. Dr. Abioudin Williams, President of the Institute received Bangladesh Minister and discussed specific collaborations.

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