Musical Evening by Partha Barua, Bappa Majumdar & Dilshad Elita Karim

Details of a Musical Evening by Mr. Partha Barua, Mr. Bappa Majumdar and Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Road No. 2, House No. 24, Dhanmondi, Dhaka at 5:30 PM on December 13, 2014 are given below:


1. Keyboard: Mr. Sohel Aziz

2. Bass Guitar: Mr. John Sharton

3. Drums: Mr. SK Ahasanur Rahman

4. Manager: Mr. Md. Waliullah Shahan Kabondho

Program Duration: 2 Hours. 18 Songs Represented.

Songs Represented:

1. Bristi…(1st Song of the Program)..(By Mr. Bappa Majumdar)

2. Jokhoni Nibir Kore..(By Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim)

3. Nongor Tolo Tolo..(By Mr. Bappa Majumdar)

4. Din Bari Jai..(By Mr. Bappa Majumdar)

5. O Bondhu Toke Miss Korchi Vishon..(By Mr. Partha Barua)

6. Mon Shudhu Mon Chuyeche..(By Mr. Partha Barua)

7. Megher Rajye Ghar..(By Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim)

8. Pori..(By Mr. Bappa Majumdar )

9. Dekha Hobe Bondhu..(By Mr. Partha Barua)

10. Hotath Dujhone..(By Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim)

11. Ei Nilomonihar..(By Mr. Bappa Majumdar)

12. Bristi Dekhe..(By Mr. Partha Barua)

13. Hridayer Jhore Aakash Batash..(By Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim)

14. Buri..(By Mr. Bappa Majumdar)

15 Saradin Tomai Vebe..(By Mr. Partha Barua)

16. O Mor Moyna Go..(By Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim)

17. Bazi..(By Mr. Bappa Majumdar)

18. Banshi Shune Ar Kaj Nai..(LastSong of the Program)..(By Mr. Partha Barua)

To celebrate the 44th Victory Day of Bangladesh, Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre organised A Musical Evening by top Bangladeshi musical exponents, Mr. Partha Barua, Mr. Bappa Majumdar and Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre, Dhanmondi, Dhaka at 5:30 PM on December 13, 2014.

Mr. Partha Barua, lead singer of the popular Bangladesh band, “SOULS”, commenced his musical career in 1989 with the release of his first album with the band in the same year. When Partha Barua joined “SOULS”, he initiated focus on Contemporary Bangla Music combined with Western music. In 1993, SOULS released its album “Ay Amon Porichoy” and followed it soon with the album “Aj Din Katuk Ganey” that was a raging hit. With entry into the new millennium in the year 2000, “SOULS” under Partha Barua blended its music into a new distinct dimension that while retaining the signature of melody, carried its travel in time. In the year 2006, SOULS won the Best Band award by “Meril Prothom Alo” Star Awards. “SOULS” led by Partha Barua participated in the prestigious 6th South Asian Band Festival in Delhi and Jaipur in December 2012 under ICCR sponsorship that saw participation of top Rock Bands from almost all the countries of South Asia. The concerts of “SOULS” in India were deeply appreciated.

Mr. Bappa Majumdar, lead singer of popular Bangladesh Rock Band, “Dalchhut”, formed the band in November 1996. Besides releasing five music albums–Ahh !!! (1997), Hridoypur (2000), Akashchoori (2002), Jochhnabihar (2007) and Aay Amontron (2010), –“Dalchhut” is also popular for its live performances on stage as well as on television. “Dalchhut” creates its own numbers, as well as presents songs of foreign bands and musicians, namely Eric Clapton, Eagles, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Brian Adams etc. “Dalchhut” has several hits like Bajee, Shada, Moyla, Garichole, Na Bioscope Tomakei, Bole Debo akashchoori, Jochhnabihar, Mon Chhuyechho, etc. “Dalchhut” presented a concert at the Rabindranath Tagore Centre in Kolkata in August 2012 under ICCR sponsorship and received rave reviews from the Indian audience and press.

Ms. Dilshad Elita Karim is a versatile artist who performed alongside renowned musicians from Bangladesh and abroad at the ICC Cricket World Cup opening ceremony in 2011. Ms. Karim’s first recording was in 2002 with the band “Black” in their first album “Amaar Prithibi”, where she sang the song “Mithya” a composition which went on to become very popular with the youngsters in the country. She started as a trainee journalist with the culture section of “The Daily Star” in the year 2003 and at the same time started her own distinctive form of music. She did a rendition of Arnob’s famous song “She Je Boshe Aache” with “Black” again in a mixed album “Shopnochura”. Ms. Karim has performed live with many popular bands of Bangladesh such as Ayub Bachchu, Dalchhut & Shunno etc. Earlier she performed at Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre. She founded the Band “Raaga” in 2005. She won the Red Cross International Award in 2009 for a story she wrote on trafficking of teenage girls from Bangladesh who were forced to work as sex workers. Recently, in September 2013, Ms. Karim won the JCI Award for the most Outstanding Young Person in the field of Self development and improvement. She is presently working as Feature Editor with “The Daily Star” Bangladesh.


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