NUS holds Staff Orientation on Adolescent Health at Narayanganj

Object to provide orientation on Sexual reproductive health and menstrual health hygiene management among the adolescent girls Nari Unnayan Shakti (NUS) today holds an staff orientation course on adolescent health at Kalirbazar area of Narayanganj city with the participation of adolescent girls. The Executive Director of Nari Unnayan Shakti Dr. Afroja Parvin inaugurated the staff orientation course.

Forum for Culture and Human Development (FCHD) supported the program. NUS project coordinator Abdul Momin, Asian TV Narayanganj Correspondent Khaled Bin Firoz, Bijoy TV Narayanganj Correspondent Saifuddin Ahmed and On-line newspaper Life Narayanganj representative Mrittunjoy spokes on the occasion.

Through the orientation course adolescents will learn about the personal sensitive issue and health care skills so that, their practice can reduce Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and thus they will be saved from different fatal diseases. Nari Unnayan Shakti has been working on HIV/AIDS prevention among the Internal Migrants since 2010 at Narayanganj city area.

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