Report on the Climate Justice Ambassadors Academy

Report on the Climate Justice Ambassadors Academy

1. Activity Title

Academy for climate Justice Ambassadors

2. Venue and Date of Activity

• Venue : Jocabol Model Schools,4, chris Akinyomi Street, Sango Ota, Ogun State
• Date : 5th of june,2015( World Environment Day)
3. Objectives

• The project is envisaged at sensitizing and educating young students on the basis of climate change, the relative impacts and a view into the possibilities of interventions that could help fight and adapt to the changes.
• To create a motivating premise for the actual participation and engagement of younger individuals in taking a stand for the climate change cause and sustainable development.
Figure 1 Video Session on Climate Change Impacts

The Program started off at 10: am (GMT+1) with an introductory session with the students which allowed for some familiarization and a level of acceptance. The first phase was the video presentation on climate change and the vivid facts around us.
Following the video presentation, the students had a little break to ask question basically on the video watched and relevant answers were provided by the instructors. A point to take note here, most of the students had little to no background information on the reality of climate change and the impacts. The video was like an appetizer and it really helped prepare their minds to learning more on the issue and how they could possibly be a part of the move to help save the future of our planet.

Figure 2 Yomi Olaoye(L), Tobi( R)

The video session was followed by the presentation proper adopting the PowerPoint slides made available by plant for the planet. This session was handled by two teenagers who have been volunteers with Green Impact International for the last two years ( Yomi Olaoye and Adesimbo Oluwatobi) They took the students through the basics of climate change, the relative impacts, solutions and the brief into the reasons why there is the need to plant trees. They tried at creating references from around the immediate environment to ensuring a level of proper identification. The presentation was however broken into two sessions to allow for some break and some moment for energizers. The sessions were both handled by the teenage instructors and the moment for question and answer came up right after the conclusion of the presentations. Questions were raised not just among the students alone, as we had some from the teachers and the parent’s quarters. Answers were provided by the instructors and some additional inputs from the teachers.

The presentation session was followed by the call out for volunteers for the Climate Justice Ambassadors and it was no surprise as we had the whole class ready to fight and defend their future and the future of our dear planet. The climate Ambassadors were followed up on the skills and basics of making presentations of the topic of discuss and the sharing of their ideas as they were made to know their responsibilities of replicating our actions and planning out subsequent activities. The action template was used to record their subsequent plans.

Upon the completion of the selection and training segment, we ventured into the final activity of the day which was the tree seeds planting. The idea was to ensure the Ambassadors have the full tree raising experience which entails the collection of seeds, the preparation of germination pots, the nurturing and the final planting out. Seeds of Moringa olivera were made available to the students and we had one student to two seeds and that means every Ambassador has the responsibility of nurturing two trees till the planting out time.

Each Student brought along a used packed water satchels which were adapted as the germination pots. Thereafter the students were taken through the processes of filling the pots and planting the seeds, and further instructed on the next phase of nurturing till the trees begin to sprout in preparation for the final planting out in some 3weeks time. In total, we planted 70 tree seeds.

The young Ambassadors were excited at being engaged at their first Earth saving assignment and after the stacking of the germination pots, the plant for the planet training manuals and certificates were distributed among the Ambassadors in preparation for the work ahead.

The training session was closed with a random photo session with the new climate justice Ambassadors.

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