The Bangabandu speech that gave birth to a nation

Bangabandhu Lover Sir Peter

A special tribute posterhonouring the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu and described by many as the unofficial Proclamation of Independence of Bangladesh has become a much sought-after item.

The colourful poster entitled “the speech that gave birth to a nationis the brainchild and original design of ‘Bangladesh foreign friend’ Sir Frank Peters; and has won many hearts and muchadmiration worldwide since first published in 2004.

Sir Frank, a politically-neutral Bangabandhu admirer from England and renowned anti-corporal punishment campaigner, said:  “I’m honoured the daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina MP, has it on display in her home, office, the Bangabandhu Museum, and the Awami League Headquarters.”

He said one of the main intentions of the poster is to encapsulate for eternity the speech that triggered the Bangladesh War of Independence and give English-speaking persons here and overseas, especially non-Bengali speaking children of Bangladeshi parentage born overseas, an insight into one of the world’s most inspiring people.

“Irrespective of their individual political persuasion, the poster will also remind present and future generations of Bangladeshis worldwide of their rich inheritance and why they should look to the future with their heads raised high with dignity and pride,” he added.

Overseas the coveted limited edition poster (of which 100 hundred were printed) hangs in offices and homes of European royalty and leading politicians in America, Ireland, England, Canada, Spain and India.

“To instil dignity, and as a mark of respect to Bangabandhu, the poster isalways presented to the recipient. It isnever mailed, couriered or delivered through a third party, as a calendar or an ordinary run-of-the-mill poster might,” said Sir Frank.

“I’ve had many requests from overseas for copies of the poster from quite well known names, but I’ve turned down all of them because I want to maintain a certain formality and uphold the poster’singrained dignity,” he added.

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