St. FM attends Climate meeting in Brussels

“Bangladesh puts greater emphasis on integrating Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in all relevant sectors. Bangladesh is considered a good performer in managing disaster and we have gathered many good lessons and practices over the years that can be and have been replicated in the context of CCA (Climate Change Adaptation)”, said State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md. Shahriar Alam, at the “Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change” held at the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium today.

As the opening speaker at the session “Adaptation to Climate Change”, the Bangladesh State Foreign Minister said that the new agreement must recognize the long term dynamic nature of adaptation. He added that the new agreement must pave the way for adaptation to be based on real life observations, monitoring and analyses of vulnerabilities with adequate and predictable financial support and technology provision from the more developed countries.

Co-chaired by the European commissioner for climate action Connie Hedegaard, and Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment Tine Sundtoft, the meeting was attended by the Ministers and representatives from about 40 countries and international organizations including UN bodies.

The Meeting was divided into four sessions – Mitigation in the 2015 Agreement, Adaptation, Means of implementation, and Pre-2020 mitigation ambition.

On the issue of mitigation of the effect of climate change, the State Minister said that Bangladesh was committed to a low carbon development path provided the process does not put additional burden on its economy and financial capacity. He informed that opportunities for expansion of renewable energy, energy efficiency in Bangladesh were ample and could be significant for the economy of the country in replacing expensive oil based power generators. He mentioned that renewable energy was poverty focused and it could generate a range of green jobs and enhance sustainable development.

The State Minister of Foreign Affairs also said that there had been another goal for global as well as regional adaptation framework, which must be based on the principle of “do no harm” to anyone. Thus, it must also have a conflict resolution mechanism such that one country’s adaptation benefit does not create disbenefits for another country.

Bangladesh Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, Luxemburg and Mission to the European Union Ismat Jahan, officials of the Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh were present during the meeting.

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