Three-daylong Bangladesh Cartoon Fest 2014 concludes with amid festivity

Cartoon festival in Bangladesh

The three day long ‘Bangladesh Cartoon Fest 2014’ concludes on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at Drik gallery in capital with the mass visit of viewers and cartoon lovers and the participation of 40 professional and amateur cartoonists of the country. The fest was organized by Bangladesh Cartoonist Association (BANCARAS) and sponsored by the youth magazine Symposium, a monthly publication of The Bangladesh Today.

Ninety three cartoon and illustration, done by the professional and amateur 40 cartoonists were exhibited at the event.  The exhibition artworks were categorized under two themes – ‘internet and social networking’ and ‘open theme’.

The artists used water color, oil color, acrylic and digital media to create these creative artworks. The whole exhibition was categorized under two sections – cartoon, and caricature.

To make the festival unique and interactive, a live caricature session by the cartoonists and caricaturists were also held which will be continued till the end of the fest.

A huge youth crowd from different universities, schools visited the colourful event of the year.

Pritom Zayed of American International University of Bangladesh said, ‘We were waiting for the event for one year and very happy to visit the colorful event of the year’.

Meanwhile, Farhan Sami of Bangladesh University of Professionals said, ‘I am so happy to visit such event and hope the event will continue for many years’.

Sriti Rahman of Dhaka University said, ‘Through the cartoon exhibition we came to observe the original works of our talented cartoonists’.

At least 500 free caricatures were made by the talented cartoonists for the general people.

‘The caricature session was awesome’ Rima Islam of BUET praised.

 Editor of Symposium magazine Syeda Iffat Hossain said: “Youths can play vital role solving problems, stimulating thought and creating dialogue about issues that are difficult to communicate otherwise. Symposium wants to promote art and culture among the young generation through the way of cartooning. Symposium is glad to support the annual Cartoon fest 2014.”

Cartoon magazine Unmad editor and BANCARAS advisor Ahsan Habib said: “Bangladesh Cartoon Fest 2014 is long waiting great news for the young cartoonists in the country. Viewers will enjoy the cartoonist’s thoughts and humorous activities in the framed format at the DRIK Gallery.”

Speaking at the programme, BANCARAS president Sadat Uddin Ahmed said cartoon has established itself as a popular art form and Bangladesh Cartoon Fest 2014 is one such platform where young, amateur and professional cartoonists can develop themselves through meeting together and sharing views and knowledge.

The inaugural ceremony of ‘Bangladesh Cartoon Fest 2014’ was held at the Drik Gallery of the capital on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

Syeda Iffat Hossain and BANCARAS advisor Ahsan Habib was present at the inauguration ceremony while BANCARAS president Sadat Uddin Ahmed Amil presided over the ceremony.

After the formal session, the Symposium editor Syeda Iffat Hossain and BANCARAS advisor Ahsan Habib jointly awarded young cartoonist Faridur Rahman Razib with ‘Cartoonist Shanto Award’ in a bid to promote cartooning among the young generation in Bangladesh.

Cartoonist Shanto Podok is a joint initiative of BANCARAS and Symposium honoring late cartoonist Tariqul Islam Shanto, one of the most influential and versatile cartoonists of his time who passed away on February, 2013.

SHORGOL, an event management company is playing key role as the event manager of the fest while Dhaka Tribune and Doinik Shamakal are the media partners of the fest.

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