Tobacco Cos desperate to tobacco farming on Naikkhongchharhi, Ramu croplands

imageFrom the very beginning of the winter, tobacco companies have engaged more than 200 agents to occupy 4,000 acres of lands for winter crops to be used in tobacco farming in Naikkhongchari sub-district under Bandarban district, and adjacent Gorjonia, Kachhapia, Eidhgarh and Kauarpol area under Cox’s Bazar district, and severely alluring the farmers to grow tobacco on those croplands which is a massive threat for all the activities and goals taken by the government to increase food crops in the winter season ahead.

A report published in this regards on the Daily Cox’sbazar and Daily Azadi on 3rd and 4th November consequently.

Sources form the local Naikkhongchari Agro Office said that three tobacco companies- British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB), Dhaka Tobacco and Abul Khair Tobacco Company have occupied majority of the croplands using different tricks. Following the British Colonial Style, the tobacco companies are compelling the farmers to grow tobacco on the lands, alleged some of the local crop producing farmers, although the companies denied the allegation saying – they were using fallow lands only to grow tobacco in the adjacent areas.

A group of farmers also alleged that tobacco companies also trickily use government fertilizers on tobacco fields in agreement with the fertilizer dealers which go unnoticed, and they are to buy fertilizers at a higher price.

See the detail report:

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