Unforeseeable consequences of catastrophic floods

The scales of the disaster in the Western Balkans from day to day are growing. The number of victims grows, the scale of damage are currently unforeseeable. There are additional needs for financial aid for flooded countries: Serbia, BIH and Croatia, from the EU and the world, will be necessary and required for a long time in the future coming period.

The European Commission is working with the affected countries and maintains close coordination with international financial institutions, in order to accurately determine needs and to identify the best instruments of financial support.

Ministry of State Administration and Local Government announced today that it is preparing a new, much simpler, manual for damage assessment in a few days to deliver to the municipalities, and by then the appraisers in the field continue to work, as before, to collect data on flood damage.

– “I do not know exactly how much is the flood damage, but I guess it is (direct and indirect) around one billion euros. I’m referring to the road and railway infrastructure, power supply network, houses and everything that was destroyed in the flood  “- said Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Total of 90,000 hectares of agricultural land has been flooded, in the course of determining the degree of soil pollution. Depending on the results, there will be estimation on how to continue to treat this land. – Says Zoran Knezevic, Director of the farmland, the Danas,

It is also necessary to provide  means for taking necessary measures for safe disposal of bodies of dead animals, in order to prevent the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases.

In addition, increase is the risk of contaminated water and mines which came from Bosnia to Serbia. Landmines in the area, according to the Center for Mine Action in BiH, are still in very large quantities (tens of thousands). Citizens have already started to report such munitions in areas where it was previously.  “This means that the markers, which marked minefields, no longer correspond to the actual situation,” – warns Fric Nojberg the humanitarian organization “Adra”.

It is clear that the citizens of this region will  require cleaners with tremendous pressure, as well as funds for the maintenance of hygiene. And most importantly, it is not something that can be rapidly solved. It is the problem with which citizens will be facing a lot longer than six weeks.

Great damage suffered power system in the region and will require huge funds for its restoration.

Rebuilding the infrastructure from the consequences of floods in Serbia will begin in June with the help of teams of engineers, announced the Government.  Priorities will be identified, when it comes to repair the damage, and when it comes to landslides, major role will have Traffic Institute CIP.

– “Traffic Institute CIP has sufficient professional staff to classify landslides to conclude whether to do the rehabilitation field”, – said the director  CIP Milutin Ignjatovic.

Several dozen people lost their lives in floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Huge areas along the Sava River are still under water. A large number of houses were destroyed. It is not uncommon in some places to see the roofs protruding from the mud and water masses. And while the authorities in Serbia say that the worst is over, it is now clear that the Balkan afflicted with catastrophic floods with dramatic consequences. Citizens of Serbia, meanwhile, are preparing for another flood wave.

At  Obrenovac at least 7,000 people temporarly deserted their homes. Followed by economic disaster in rural part of the country, both in Bosnia and Serbia.

“The situation is catastrophic,” says Klaus Mok, regional director of the humanitarian organization “Help” for the interview for DW.

Payment for financial assistance through Pay Pall

The Government of Serbia has opened the possibility for payment of humanitarian aid to flood victims in Serbia through Pay Pall from 193 countries, announced the Ministry of Finance.

Donations to help can be transferred to a special account in the Alpe Adria Green org.: SI56 3300 0000 6508 788  BIC: AABSI22

The proposed donor conference

Prime Minister of Slovenia Alenka Bratušek proposed at the informal meeting with EU heads of state to hold a donors’ conference to help Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who have recently suffered major damage due to flooding.

Bratušek is convinced that such a conference will be organized, reports Slovenian agency STA.


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