Unusual Tidal Flood in the Coast: Relief and Ways of Permanent Protection

You know that the coastal area of Bangladesh have faced an unusual tidal flood during this month affected by the super moon and millions of people had to leave their houses and took shelter on the embankments under the open sky.
A huge loss of agriculture and fish farms have been occurred due to the sudden flood as there is no protection of being exposed to the sea water intrusion. This is, no doubt, a clear threat to the food sufficiency in future and this will lead a huge migration towards the cities which we might not be able to afford.
The coastal NGOs and right based social organizations, have been urging for permanent solutions for the 35 millions of people in the coastal districts and protecting the agricultural lands in the coastline to ultimately protect the food security in future. In this continuity we have arranged a press conference titled “Unusual Tidal Flood in the Coast: Relief and Ways of Permanent Protection” on 25th August 2014 at the National Press Club at 11.00 am.

They are cordially requesting you to attend this awesome event. They need from your esteemed media house to cover the issue in favor of the coastal people. Please follow the invitation and please join.

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