Designing a game changing perspective – my thoughts for all of you

The Magic of Lockdown for me – how I have envisioned it.

This is a spur of the moment post. What is ‘lockdown’ to me? Lockdown has many meanings to many people, but to me it has been a new meaning that I never cast or thought before. I thought of two words ‘LOCK’ and ‘DOWN’ and I found negative connotations to it. So, I thought to myself to turn these words 180 degrees around. I coined them to be the period of ‘UNLOCKING MY POTENTIAL’ and ‘RISING LIKE THE MYTHICAL PHOENIX.’ What a ‘game changing’ perspective that I have created within me! Even I am surprised. With a twist of words, I have actually inspired myself to do more things while staying at home. One thing for sure, I have pushed my learning curve and have installed a new mindset within me once again. So, what is this new mindset that has elevated my spirits? It is the mindset of being content while tenaciously striving to do better. These two thoughts are kind of misnomers propelling our thoughts to remain in two opposite corners and, yet it has made sense in my mind to toss around the words within me to create the fire within my belly. In the cosmic reality of the world, as long as you are content with your hopes, passion and drive, who else is out there to question your wit? I guess none. Anyway, I have embarked on the journey to write a few lines before I end my post. There is no singularity of vision in this post but even through the clutter of words, one clear philosophy has hit me hard. So what is this philosophy? It is the strangely odd philosophy of finding happiness during periods of unkind socio-economic conditions of life that we all are experiencing. So, even in this unkindest times, we need to hold our spirits and be happy with what we have. Believe in the spirit, ‘that this shall pass too.’ Imbued with this spirit, I have pretty much thrown the junk clutter of confusion from my head and sort of re-calibrated my neurons to find opportunity in every possible oddities of life. This I have re-framed in my head and have named it with a funny spirit. I call it ‘opportunity in distress.’ So, my final note is on finding opportunity when no opportunity is peaking through your windows. In such cases manufacturing opportunities is the best way forward. I am manufacturing my opportunities by being positive and engaging in active learning pursuits, reading, upgrading my skills and yes, taking a big attempt to write the book that has been sitting in my head for so long. Yes, these are opportune times and I am seizing the moments. Are you doing the same? If not, run with the moment and build something marvelous. Ignite the lion within. Good luck.

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