Reviewing Government’s policy regarding recent lockdown

This is my thoughts with regards to the lockdown by the political party (Forward Party) to which I belong in Bangladesh. We propose the following.

#Bangladesh is not #Singapore yet, so before giving a LOCKDOWN, what measures have been pledged by the Government for the ultra-poor of Bangladesh? Running the affairs of Government may not be easy but without a plan to support the ultra-poor, the lock down is an irresponsible act and devoid of logic. The government may take note.

1.      Immediately identify through online national database of the segments of the population that are under severe stress and send by bkash at least Tk 100/- per day per person for each family of these ultra-poor so they may survive the lockdown. Bangladesh has around 2.91 crore people who are ultra-poor. The government will need Tk 291 crore minimum each day X 7 days = Tk 2037 crore for the 7-day period. This is only a small fraction of our national budget. So, these policies should have been planned before calling for the callous lockdown. It only shows how disconnect the government is with the citizens of the country.

2.      Additional at least Tk 1200 to 1500 crore should be allocated to special funds for supporting very small businesses that may be affected tremendously for not being operative. The City Corporation Mayor’s office, the Municipality offices, the Military, the Police, Border Guard DC’s Office and other organs could be immediately deployed for a reasonable execution of the disbursement of funds.

3.      Government may also reduce Value added taxes across the nation so that the impact on all businesses is softer. Economic re-generation is vital so policies should be immediately reviewed.

The government speaks of emancipation of poor people of Bangladesh but makes abrupt policies, devoid of common sense. This is unfair on the citizens of Bangladesh. Let us be more responsible in framing national policies. There are other issues that could have been discussed and deliberated by the Government before calling for these arbitrary lockdowns. It is unfortunate that the Government has grown in size but wisdom is in short supply. Forward Party promotes responsible politics in Bangladesh. We look forward to interacting with you and we invite you to share this post so that the Government may rectify its policies for the welfare of Bangladesh. This is not a political post but an urgent post to safeguard the ultra-poor citizens of Bangladesh.

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