Thinking FORWARD about Bangladesh, its global economics and sustainability

Dear All,
This post may be of help to all and is particularly geared towards the advancement of Bangladesh. This positional statement explains the needs to be fulfilled for the country like Bangladesh as early as possible. Therefore, the Government of Bangladesh may plan the following. Bangladesh needs to think FORWARD.
This is the view of Forward Party to which I belong. FORWARD PARTY, a political party in #Bangladesh, proposes the following. If you like these ideas, please share my post.
1. Find a proper way to open up schools and educational institutions, ensuring reasonable safety to children and young adults.
2. Develop a 2023-25 plan whereby singular devotion may be placed for scientific research in HEALTH sector so Bangladesh is able to produce its own vaccines.
3. Promote a ‘Science Boost Vision’ for Bangladesh as students are not entering basic sciences. Bangladesh needs its own SCIENTISTS and SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY population.
4. De-focus from Big Government and Re-focus on Efficient Government
5. Focus on CITY based competencies with strong adaptation to Technology.
6. Place tremendous energy on Blue Economy (Sea Frontiers) and Agro-Technology, Agriculture, Fishery, Livestock, etc.
7. Initiate a comprehensive program to reduce carbon footprints and take strategic measure to ensure no encroachment of sea-water within our land mass and build all forms of environmental safeguards as re-forrestation, coastline embankments, etc.
8. Offer government support to high-value add industries where local economy and global economy can be supported.
9. Innovation, incubations and alternative financing models/strong venture financing models be developed and aligned with 8 divisions of Bangladesh.
10. Make FDI investment, especially create NRB FDI schemes.
11. Initiate Bangladeshi Companies to expand business globally. Having huge Foreign Currency Reserve without any investment vehicle is futile.
12. Develop a very comprehensive DIGITAL currency/Crypto Currency backed by Govt.
13. Allow Digital Data Farms in Bangladesh for FOREIGN power houses. Bangladesh needs to harness global knowledge in these fields.
14. Develop a Govt. focused heavy industry in AUTOMOTIVE manufacturing/CHIP design and manufacturing in Bangladesh.
15. Put up a Ministry dedicated to HIGH Science and Innovation – Issues and products of the 5th Industrial Revolution shall be catered to by this concern.
16. Introduce Bangladesh Aeronautical and Space Agency (BASA).
17. Establish at least 2 world class universities comparable to MIT/Caltech/Stanford/Harvard/Oxford/Cambridge with heavy research funding.
18. Introduce global policy for NRBs to strengthen NRBs socio-economic conditions.
19. De-focus on fossil fuel and invest heavily on alternative energy resources, especially solar energy.
20. Develop extensive river navigation channels, high speed transportation infrastructure and decentralize activities.
Time is short & the journey hard. Let us drive forward passionately. The effort must be guided by high tech AGILE software driven planning tools. FORWARD PARTY is building the Future Fabric of #Bangladesh.

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