Uniqu Eid Sari Collection By Kadambari Exclusive by Razbi

Kadamabari Exclusive by Razbi is online based ethnic fashion brand who produced Design Sari. The slogan of Kadambari is “We do not sell sari, rather we sell story”. Kadambari creates a story on the sari by depicting pictures of love and affection, history and culture & nature and beauty of Bangladesh. We want to make historical wearable dress sari as a part of our modern fashion trend. We create conceptual design for our sari and All the design stories we make visible on the sari by hand stitches. A big number of rural women are directly engaged with this initiative who making this sari beautiful and artistic with their hand stitching skills.
The biggest festival of Bangladesh Eid Ul Fitur is coming, on the eve of this festival Kadambari is going to bring more than 25 new designs. All the design we made for this EID is by considering festive motif and also we ensured summer comfort by selecting the fabrics and color. In our collection, we have many types of fabrics like, handloom cotton sari, Andy silk, Moslin and Andi cotton sari. But each of the sari has a unique design and all designs are made on the sari by hand stitches.
There is a perception in the market that hand stitched sari is very expensive to afford specially for the middle class. By considering this price factor we are trying to make hand stitched sari affordable to many people. The cotton hand stiches sari price starts from 3000 Tk to 5000 TK. And other fabrics price start from 500 Tk to 10, 000 TK.
As this is an online based brand so People can place orders on their Website https://kadambariexclusive.com or in facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KadambaribyRazbi.
Kadambari believes, customer satisfaction is the key to survive so inside Dhaka customers will get 48 hour free of cost delivery. For payment they have all the payment facilities. If customers feel quality and design do not match with customers expectation they can return the product any time after delivery free of cost. All over Bangladesh home delivery facility with cash on Delivery available for customers.
Kadambari do believe this ethnic design sari collection will be loved by the customers. As all are our country product so it could be an integral part of Eid Fashion for the patriotic sari lovers.

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