e-CAB Rural to Global e-Commerce Policy Conference 2021

The e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) has been working with the government since its inception to develop e-commerce, support entrepreneurs, and build public confidence as well as create skilled manpower and solve various problems of its members. During the Corona period, e-CAB member organizations have created an impeccable history by standing by the side of thousands of families across the country through daily commodity services, emergency services in lockdown areas, online fairs, digital sacrifice huts, and humanitarian initiatives. The government has given e-CAB the “Digital Bangladesh Award 2020” for its contribution to the e-commerce sector of Bangladesh.

You would be happy to know that e-Cab is organizing a national policy conference titled, ‘Rural to Global e-Commerce Policy Conference 2021’ on 07 April 2021. To flourish the rural e-commerce industry in Bangladesh and to take the initiatives of the rural e-commerce entrepreneurs to the global marketplace, the conference has been conceptualized and being organized. The aim of the conference is to facilitate knowledge transfer and bring forward the frugal innovations and product diversifications of the rural entrepreneurs and to create the scope of expanding their market both domestically and globally. Identifying the policy gaps in shaping up the rural e-commerce industry of the country and coming up with pragmatic directives to mitigate the obstacles in expanding the horizon of the rural e-commerce industry would be the core agenda of the conference. Promoting cross-border initiatives to promote the rural e-commerce industry in the international market and establishing global networks amongst the rural e-commerce entrepreneurs will be the core initiative to be undertaken at the conference.

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